Monday, July 23, 2012

CallClerk v4.3.5

CallClerk v4.3.5
CallClerk v4.3.5

CallClerk lets you know who is calling on the phone in more ways then you may have thought possible. It works as an answering machine and fax and can immediately e-mail you when you receive a call (attaching the caller's message or fax).

Key Features:
• Know who's calling before you pick up the phone;
• See caller id info plus a picture;
• Tailor names so you can see when 'Mom & Dad' call; computerized voice announces calls;
• Sends e-mail / blog updates;
• Hang-up on unwanted calls;
• Has a printable directory and history log of calls;
• Fial a number from the clipboard, a speed dial list, of someone who has called, or one you key;
• Old fashion bell ring; auto detects if your modem supports callerid and shares it with other apps; works over a network too.

What's new in CallClerk 4.3.5:
· added the ability to pass caller information into other programs as if you were typing it in (further documented here);
· added a Chrome extension to allow you to dial from Chrome as you could already do from Internet Explorer and Firefox,
· to install the Chrome extension just click here;
· added a command line option to allow Outlook Journal entries to be created but not displayed;
· added ability to play answering machine via your system's default sound playing software;
· improved call blocking, calls can now be blocked from any networked PC running CallClerk;
· improved installer, future upgrades will no longer require the prior version to first be uninstalled;
· improved management of modem sound devices for some systems;
· upgraded to use Microsoft's dot net framework version 3.5;
· tested on Windows 8 Customer Preview and Release Preview, and
· other minor tweaks and improvements.



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