Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FBackup 4.8 Build 278

FBackup 4.8 Build 278
FBackup 4.8 Build 278

FBackup - useful software for backing up data. FBackup can back up data on pre-established rules. Easy to use data backup. Has a clear and simple interface.Ability to configure automatic backup saves time and helps you recover your data in case of breakage. Supports backup compression and password setting in the archives. In addition to backup data with compression in the program have the opportunity to create an exact copy of files and folders with all the structure that enables mirroring data.

The main functions FBackup:
- Create exact copies of files and directories.
- Features extended with plugins. The site developer can find the plugin to save your games, e-mail databases and etc.
- Recover data from previously created backups.
- Schedule backups. Manual or automatic backup of the installed previously scheduled.
- When creating backup files, the program can carry out their zapakovke in ZIP-archive. Supports the creation of archives larger than 2 gigabytes, the use of compression technology ZIP64. Created files can be password protected for opening.
- When creating a profile backup can take into account the actions to be performed before or after the backup. For example, after the backup or you can turn off the computer before starting the backup with the backup information can be removed earlier archived files.
- The program may save backup copies to local and network drives as well as external drives that are connected to a computer via USB or Firewire.

For each backup job, you can specify the action to be performed before or after the backup. For example you can set to delete all data in the destination folder before copying it, or assign shutdown after the backup process.



https://rapidshare.com/files/3853213751/FBackup 4.8 Build 278.zip


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