Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ChrisPC Media Streamer 1.45

ChrisPC Media Streamer 1.45
ChrisPC Media Streamer 1.45

ChrisPC Media Streamer is a powerfull broadcast software application with a friendly and ergonomic user interface that allows you to stream your favorite TV shows and multimedia files to your friends through local networks and internet. Your friends, colleagues and bussiness partners can connect using an internet address to watch the streams you broadcast, with any multimedia player software that works with DirectX and Windows Media Encoder. ChrisPC Media Streamer it is capable of handling & broadcasting up to three distinct stream sources in parallel.

One can use as stream sources to broadcast over the internet: a TV tuner card, a VIVO card, a webcam, a combocard (Graphic card+TV Tuner) or any other capture devices supported by Windows and also any multimedia file you have on your computer.

Using the software you will have full control over the settings of your capture devices while broadcasting, possible by integrating some core features of the well known ChrisTV PVR application.

ChrisPC Media Streamer has many key features like:

Broadcast your favorite TV shows, Movies, radio stations to your friends through local networks and through internet.

Broadcast from up to 3 (three) media sources at the same time.

Using ChrisPC Media Streamer you are able to broadcast video and audio streams from capture devices and multimedia files.

Support for many capture devices and TV cards by integrating some core functions of the well known ChrisTV PVR application. For the complete list of supported capture devices please click here.

Adjust capture device settings very easy: channel number, image settings, volume etc.

Customize at anytime your broadcast settings: video and audio bitrate, frame size, quality, port number.
The posibility to store the broadcasted content locally.

Change the broadcast properties like: title, description, author and copyright.

Save the current broadcast settings into a Media Streamer Session (.mss) file and load it later without any problem.

Minimize ChrisPC Media Streamer to systray and keep the application window always on top.

Broadcast Media Source Details

Using ChrisPC Media Streamer you will be able to broadcast from up to 3 (three) media sources at the same time.

The broadcast media source that can be used with ChrisPC Media Streamer are :
Capture Devices: analog TV Cards, Graphic Cards with Video Input (VIVO), Combo Cards (Graphic Card and TV Card), Webcams, DVcam Capture that have WDM drivers(Windows Driver Model) or BDA drivers compatible with DirectShow specifications.

Multimedia files: video and audio files.

At anytime you can customize your capture device settings (channel number, image settings, sound level, tuner video/sound input etc), volume and all broadcast setting (video and audio bitrates, frame size, quality, port number etc).

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