Monday, October 22, 2012

Urban Lightscape 1.2.2

Urban Lightscape 1.2.2

Urban Lightscape 1.2.2

Urban Lightscape is a stand-alone application and plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Corel Paint Shop Pro. The program is designed to improve exposure photographs, local adjusting brightness, light and darkness through the checkpoint, and the introduction of artificial light in your pictures.

Urban Lightscape is best used in the photographs, which have smooth gradients and sharp boundaries are limited, such as urban landscapes of concrete, tile, glass, roof, sky, etc.

Urban Lightscape provides sophisticated image processing with natural user interface. Enough to determine the point at the site the photo you want to edit, double-click the left mouse button and holding it down drag the cursor over to lighten this area, or down to darken.

Some of the features:

adjustment of the image or on control points;
view results in real time;
cancellation of all acts performed over the image;
reset all local tuning points;
adjustments are grouped in separate panels that you can customize for themselves.
Urban Lightscape delivers sophisticated image-processing via a natural user interface. A simple "double-click-and-drag" paradigm is used to place control points on a photo, and clever edge detection localises and interpolates your lightness adjustments around and between these points. Results are rapid, without compromising on the extra controls needed to achieve subtle refinements. is pleased to announce the release of its second photographic application and plugin: Urban Lightscape. Use Urban Lightscape to correct exposure, make localised brightness adjustments, dodge and burn, and introduce artificial lighting to a scene.

Use Urban Lightscape ...

... For those subjects that deserve better exposure than you got in-camera
Use Urban Lightscape to correct under-and overexposed parts of an image. By placing control points with a simple "double-click-and-drag" interface, you can quickly balance the exposure of an image to soften harsh shadows, fix overexposed skies, lighten backlit foregrounds and achieve a HDR toning-like effect.

... To rediscover hidden detail obscured by harsh shadows or glaring lights
Use Urban Lightscape to dodge (lighten) and burn (darken) local patches of a photo to highlight and suppress details, directing the viewers eye as you intend. Clever edge detection enables local adjustments without tedious selections or paintbrush tools.

... To add light in post-production that you didn't have on set
Use Urban Lightscape to cast artificial lighting into a photo for a stellar effect. Clever interpolation will flood local control point adjustments throughout an image.



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