Friday, October 12, 2012

M File Anti-Copy 5.5

M File Anti-Copy 5.5

M File Anti-Copy 5.5

A software utility that helps you lock the copy of your files. M File Anti-Copy can block USB devices, files run or rename or deletion and much more. It also blocks unwanted files from being installed into your computer (for example viruses or spywares).

M File Anti-Copy was designed, especially for corporate usage but it is perfect for home users as well. Let’s say that you have a company that is developing small games (for mobile, pc, console, etc). You have more than one hundred employees in various areas of your company.When your company is working on a new game, discretion and security is absolutely essential. Keeping track of all your employees at once it may prove to be extremely difficult. That is why M File Anti-Copy was created. With this new and innovative software you can protect your files and folders from being copied.

Changes Log:

Version 5.5:
• Fixed old bugs
• Now you can move program window(s)
• Some changes in program design
. Now you can use software on non administrator accounts too
. Uninstall bugs fixed
. It has an “Auto-Fix” tool to deactivate all parts and enable uninstall button automatically
. Change Password bug fixed
. Folder anti-copy bug fixed
. Anti-Run bug fixed

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