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Actual Multiple Monitors 4.2

Actual Multiple Monitors 4.2
Actual Multiple Monitors 4.2

Actual Multiple Monitors is the comprehensive solution to improve the functionality of MS Windows user interface for comfortable and effective work with multi-monitor configurations. The smart app emulates standard Windows services on secondary monitors, and offers new window management services to free you from routine clicking and let you concentrate on your work undisturbed. Powerful yet easy-to-use, Actual Multiple Monitors emulates the original Windows Taskbar on the secondary displays, allowing you to manage windows in your usual manner. Such Taskbar can work in the individual mode, displaying only the tasks running on the same monitor, or in the mirror mode, displaying all the tasks running on all monitors in your setup.

Taskbar on each monitor
• Start menu
• notification area a.k.a. system tray
• clock
• Jump Lists support under Windows 7
• Pin to Taskbar
• grouping similar buttons
• preview thumbnails (with the Aero Peek feature under Windows 7)
• progress bars on taskbar buttons under Windows 7
• Show Desktop button under Windows 7
• Quick Launch and other toolbars
• dragging the taskbar buttons with the mouse on systems before Windows 7
• dragging the system tray icons with the mouse on systems before Windows 7
• semi-transparent taskbars on systems before Windows 7
• native look in any visual theme - from Windows Classic to Windows 7 Aero

Alt-Tab Task Switcher window on each monitor
• new window controls specially designed for a work with multiple monitors
• additional button in each window's title bar to put a window instantly to any monitor
• additional button in each window's title bar to maximize a window to entire desktop
• special hotkeys to put a window instantly to the next/previous monitor
• automatic placement of windows by default to the monitor which the mouse pointer is on
• automatic placement of certain windows to the specified monitors
• easy dragging/sizing of windows - by clicking anywhere inside a window
• snapping a dragged/sized window to desktop boundaries and other windows ("sticky borders")
• emulation of Windows 7 Aero Snap on Windows XP/Vista
• single-click maximization of windows - to entire desktop, to monitor's width, to monitor's height
• custom wallpaper - single on entire desktop or individual per monitor (with the ability to run a background slideshow)
• custom screen saver - single on entire desktop or individual per monitor
• custom desktop profiles - switch between various desktop configuration in a flash!
• keeping the order of desktop icons after the desktop configuration/resolution has been changed
• desktop mirroring - observe various parts of desktop (windows, monitors, arbitrary areas) in separate floating windows called mirrors

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