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PC Agent v6.6.0.0 ML

PC Agent v6.6.0.0 ML

PC Agent v6.6.0.0 ML

PC Agent monitors and records the activities of all users on a computer unnoticed. The monitoring captures not only the most common activities like keystrokes, visited websites and screenshots, but also Internet activities such as sent and received emails and many more. PC Agent is specially designed to send the records in several different ways.

Monitoring functions

Records all keystrokes, shortcuts, hotkeys and keystrokes in password input fields. The use of the Input Method Editor (IME) for typing East Asian characters are also recorded. Unlike most other keyloggers, the monitoring records also the keystrokes correctly if a keyboard layout be used with unicode-characters such as Cyrillic, Indian, Arabic and many more.
Mouse clicks
Records mouse clicks with the name of the control and text under the cursor. For example, the labels of buttons are recorded if the user clicks on it.
User logon/logoff
Records the login and logout of users with additional information such as: date of last logon, logon time, number of logons, session, remote server, etc.
Records the text and file names, which will be copied to the clipboard by the user. This usually happens by the use of the context menus Copy and Paste or by the shortcuts CTRL+C and CTRL+V.
Power state
Records the power state, such as standby or hibernate mode, if possible with additional information such as the energy source or battery state on laptops.
Data medium change
Records added or removed storage media such as CD, DVD, memory cards, USB flash drives or network drives with additional information such as drive letter, device name, device type, serial number and file system.
Dial-up connections
Records dial-up connections with additional information such as device name, device type, phone number, user name and password as well as connection time.
File operations
Records the names of files or folders, which will be opened, deleted, renamed, copied or moved by the user.
Records the print jobs, which will be sent to the local print spooler in EMF format. The monitoring records the complete document, exactly as it was sent to the printer.
Records the images, which will be read from an image input device (like scanner or webcam) by using the TWAIN interface.
Captures screenshots of the windows, which will be moved in the foreground. Freely selectable values for the size and quality of the screenshots can reduce the size of the records.
Visited web pages
Records the web pages, which will be visited by the user with the following browsers:
Internet Explorer (versions 5 - 9)
Firefox (versions 3 - 9)
Seamonkey (versions 1, 2)
Records not only the URL, rather records also the complete source code of the website.
Form data
Records the form data, which will be sent by using the HTTP protocol (port 80 or 443) such as web-based emails and many more.
Received and sent emails
Records received emails by using the POP3 protocol (port 110 or 995), IMAP protocol (port: 143 or 993) or NNTP protocol (port: 119 or 563) and sent emails via SMTP protocol (port: 25, 465 or 587) or NNTP protocol (port: 119 or 563) including the attachments. It doesn't matter which program or email client is used. Unlike most other similar products, PC Agent records also emails which will be sent or received via TLS/SSL encrypted connection.
FTP commands
Records the FTP commands, which will be sent from a program to a server by using the FTP protocol (port: 21 or 990) such as download, delete, upload, rename, etc.
Records the passwords and user names of authentications by using the SMTP protocol (port: 25, 465 or 587), POP3 protocol (port 110 or 995), IMAP protocol (port: 143 or 993), NNTP protocol (port: 119 or 563), HTTP protocol (port: 80 or 443) and FTP protocol (port: 21 or 990).

The PC Agent Server can receive the recorded activities from the monitoring process of PC Agent. Only one setting is required in the configuration of the monitoring. Furthermore, the program can archive and open the record files with the extension *.pca.

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