Saturday, August 4, 2012

Excel Password Recovery Lastic v.

Excel Password Recovery Lastic v.
Excel Password Recovery Lastic v.

The easiest way to protect any MS Excel document from prying eyes is setting a password in the file saving dialog. But what if you cannot open the document you urgently need because you have lost of forgot your password? This is a fairly commonplace situation that plenty of people face daily. As a rule lots of time is wasted in attempts to pick a password. This, however, could be avoided if you have our Excel Password Recovery Lastic software! This program solves a common task –it cracks passwords set to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and workbooks.

Excel Password Recovery Lastic can break a password of any length and complexity virtually instantly. This allows you to quickly regain access to documents protected with a password you have lost or forgot.

To recover an individual Excel password, you need to open a document (an Excel spreadsheet) in our password finder and click the Crack button on the toolbar. The program immediately hack all passwords in that document, connecting to the secure Password Cracking Server if needed, and shows all those passwords in the main window. That is, you need exactly two steps: open a document and crack it. After that you can easily copy the recovered password to clipboard and open your document in MS Excel.

Excel Password Recovery Lastic supports removing or recovering of a password to open, a password to modify, a workbook password, a shared workbook password, a password of individual worksheets, and a VBA project password.

Excel Password Recovery Lastic uses a unique system to reset passwords to open in Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 documents. The Password Server stores special cryptographic information that allows to find the appropriate excel key almost instantly. You don’t have to send the entire document to the server as this required in many other tools. In Excel Password Recovery Lastic only cryptographic data are sent to the server. These data are used to find the decryption key, and this excel key in its turn is used to decrypt the document and remove password from it.

Such technology has several advantages:
The entire cracking process takes no more than 10 seconds regardless of complexity of a password.
Document contents and your personal information are never sent to any third-party service and thus remain confidential.
Original document is never changed. The program always works with a copy of the document and never modifies the original.



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